Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lucky Clover Penny

My newest pattern is called Lucky Clover Penny. It makes a great trinket for St. Patty's Day, Christmas ornament, key chain... whatever. I whipped this out in a half hour, so it's completely feasible to make multiples. I plan to sell them for a charity fund raiser. Wish me luck!

Click HERE to download the PDF of the pattern.


  1. Cute! If I wear it around my neck, will it bring me good luck to my otherwise lack of a dating life?

  2. I'm having trouble making this, I get the loop made & the 14 trs inside the loop but don't get where the 4 open chain stitches attach. This picture looks like the 4 petals are all attached but doing it by the pattern you have 3 seperate loops..what am I doing wrong??