Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sophie's Universe Weeks 1-4

The Sophie's Universe blanket is a 21 part, 20 week Crochet-a-long. 

The good news is that it was started back in January of 2015.  I'm doing it a year later, so all the weeks are already published.  I have now completed the first 5 parts.  Week 1 had 2 parts, and as such, I have just completed the 4th week.  I am 1/5 of the way completed.

The blanket is already baby blanket sized.  It covers me to my ankles when I work on it.  Granted, I'm short, but still... it's already big and I have 12 more weeks to go!   I think when it is done, it will cover my queen sized bed with lots of room to spare.

That's big. 

Here are the 4 weeks in review:

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